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Inaya - "I Need You Now" for Eurovision song contest (Belarus)
Johan Heltne - "Sent i Oktober"
Sister Discordia - "Betrayal"
Boiling Room - "Satan"
Hector Lopez - "Alive"

How much do you take for a mix? | Do you have discounts for EP or album? | Can you master it too?


The answer to these questions is: it depends.There are a lot of different routes you can take when it comes to mixing and finalizing a song, all with slightly different outcomes, and different price tags.

Let’s say you have a recording ready to be mixed. What do you think will make the biggest difference in making it a successful or likable song? Here’s our answer to that qustion: New, fresh ears, ability to pinpoint specific auditory or musical problems, and a serious discussion on where you want to take your track.

For this reason we urge you to send us a link to the current version of your recording, and we will gladly provide you with some initial feedback (free of charge) to get the discussion going! This will greatly improve and affect the future of your song, regardless if you decide to make STHLM Mix Factory your mix partner for the project, or suffice with a tip or two from a mix professional, nudging you along the way.

Bring your tracks to life

We believe that a good song should meet the audience the way it was intended. The coffee is on….get in touch to take your tracks to the next level!

Bring your tracks to life!

Send us a link to your song and get professional advice on possible improvements and how to best prepare it for the mix stage. We offer a free chat about the track´s potential and how it can be improved through a professional mix process. Use the form below, or engage the chat function if we are online.


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